Case Law contains an ever expanding collection of case law that is updated daily. Alongside Pakistani case law, also includes case law materials from India, U.K United States and other Commonwealth jurisdictions.

Our Data Coverage includes all reported archives of Supreme Court Judgments, High Courts, Tribunals, Commissions etc. We have an archive of more than 300,000 judgments reported in journals ranging from


From your desktop, you can access a complete archive of the full text of decisions delivered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan from 1950 to today as well as recently delivered Supreme Court Orders. Alongside the full text of all judgments, every Supreme Court decision also has a uniquely created Case Analysis which contains:

  • Comparative citations for all major print law reporters
  • Links to cases cited in the judgment text
  • Links to legislation cited
  • A legal subject classification to improve search across case law and legislative materials. contains over 200,000 full text decisions from 30 High Courts. Coverage starts from 1950 and like the Supreme Court, every High Court judgment is supplemented with links to legislation and cases cited. Our coverage includes:


  • Azad Jammu & Kashmir High Court
  • Balochistan High Court
  • Islamabad High Court
  • Lahore High Court, (Lahore), (Multan), (Bahawalpur) and (Rawalpindi)
  • Peshawar High Court, (Abbottabad) and (D.I.Khan)
  • Sindh High Court, (Karachi) and (Hyderabad)


  • Allahabad High Court of India
  • Andhra Pradesh High Court of India
  • Bombay High Court
  • Calcutta High Court of India
  • Chhattisgarh High Court of India
  • Delhi High Court of India
  • Gujarat High Court of India
  • Guwahati High Court of India
  • High Court, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Himachal Pradesh High Court of India
  • Jammu and Kashmir High Court of India
  • Jharkhand High Court of India
  • Karnataka High Court of India
  • Kerala High Court of India
  • Madhya Pradesh High Court of India
  • Madras High Court of India
  • Nagpur High Court of India
  • Orissa High Court of India
  • Patna High Court of India
  • Punjab and Haryana High Court of India
  • Rajasthan High Court of India
  • Uttarakhand High Court of India
  • Hyderabad High Court of India
  • Manipur High Court of India
  • Meghalaya High Court of India
  • Tripura High Court of India
  • Sikkim High Courtof India
  • Maharashtara High Court of India
  • Mysore High Court of India
  • Bangalore High Court of India
  • Assam and Nagaland High Court of India

You can also access over [70,000] tribunal & commissions decisions from the following authorities:

  • Administrative Tribunal
  • Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue
  • Appellate Tribunal West Pakistan
  • Central Excise and Sales Tax Apellate Tribunal
  • Central Industrial Tribunal, Patna, India
  • Customs, Excise and Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal
  • Central Industrial Tribunal, Patna, India
  • Customs Appellate Tribunal
  • Election Tribunal
  • Excise and Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal
  • Federal Service Tribunal
  • Income tax Appellate Tribunal
  • Industrial Appellate Tribunal
  • Industrial Appellate Tribunal West Pakistan
  • Industrial Tribunal of Pakistan
  • Industrial Tribunal of India
  • Judiciary Service Tribunal
  • Labour Appellate Tribunal
  • Labour Court Tribunal
  • Labour Tribunal
  • N.W.F.P Bar Council Tribunal
  • N.W.F.P Election Tribunal
  • N.W.F.P Service Tribunal
  • N.W.F.P Subordinate Judiciary Service Tribunal
  • National Industrial Tribunal, Bombay, India
  • Punjab Bar Council Tribunal, Lahore
  • Service Appellate Tribunal
  • Service Tribunal
  • Sindh Service Tribunal
  • Sindh Bar Council Tribunal
  • Subordinate Judiciary Service Tribunal
  • Tax Appellate Tribunal of Bangladesh
  • Tribunal of Pakistan Bar Council
  • Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
  • Election Commission of Pakistan


Coverage includes all Bare Acts from [1830] to today and a comprehensive collection of Rules and Regulations from [1890]. Whether you enter the name of an act or a provision in our Search and Advanced Search fields, or if you are browsing by year or act title, we can help you find the needle in the legislation haystack.

Central Legislation

  • Full text of all Bare Acts
  • Complete amendment history
  • Links to cases citing [a particular provision
  • Ability to print or save as PDF the complete Act
  • A legal subject classification to improve search across case law and legislative materials
  • Full text of bills

Content not available.

This archive can be browsed by year or via free text searching from our Legislation home page to access full text of the Rules passed by Central Government, Ministries and Departments.

Over 3000 legislation and subordinate legislation of the following states can also be accessed on including Rules, Regulations, S.R.O’s, Notifications, Circulars etc. from various departments. See our Departments page.

Collection of Bills ranges from

  • Federal and Provincial Bills
  • Bills introduced by Government
  • Bills Passed
  • Private Member Bills
  • Bills Introduced
  • Bills not Passed
  • Bills Under Consideration

Dictionary & Maxims

You can access various dictionaries available at, for finding meaning of any, word, term or phrase. Our coverage includes sources from

  • Blacks Law Dictionary
  • others also provides access to all the legal maxims and meanings available for finding meaning of latin words and phrases.

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